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Lapis and Turquoise Dragonfly Pin


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Dragonflies are honored by southwestern tribes because they live around water, that most precious resource in the high desert.

This charming dragonfly pin joins a long tradition of “bug” pins among the Navajo.

They typically would represent insects that help to propagate crops, like butterflies, or that eat pests that might destroy crops, and/or that symbolize water, like dragonflies.

Here, the choice of stones is not only lovely, but reflects the watery realm of the dragonfly: rich blue lapis for the head, and ethereal aqua turquoise for the body.

Stamped and slightly antiqued silver forms the wings.  The stamp work patterns are dainty and precise.

Four silver wires form the legs, almost unseen, in their delicacy, around the wings.

A pretty pin that is a modern version of a historic tradition, lovely to look at, and traditionally important.

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Blue Moon Turquoise, Stabilized Lapis, Sterling Silver


2"L x 2" W