Lapis and Multi-Stone Spider Pin


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This is probably the most beautiful spider you will ever see!

Insect pins are a long-established Navajo jewelry tradition, and Herbert Ration is one of its most committed contemporary proponents. He has out-done himself in this piece.

The star of this resplendent and elegant pin is the magnificent, natural lapis stone that forms the body.

Aside from the glorious, rich midnight blue color, speckled with dots of pyrite matrix – a sign of the finest lapis – the graceful shape is unexpected and very beautiful.

The large, inverted teardrop is almost heart-shaped, with a pair of little silver wings at the top. These are antiqued. with a lovely shape, and hand stamping that conforms to the shape.

The head of the pin is a high-pillowed, square, natural moonstone, whose luminous iridescence is a beautiful foil for the lapis.

Tiny, red coral cabochons form the insect’s eyes; a variety of other, small stones brings lively, but muted color to each of the eight legs.

The silver wire legs each end in a different stone: translucent garnet, brilliantly iridescent dichroic glass, tiger’s eye, mother of pearl, amethyst, and a repeat of lapis. All the stones are natural.

The head and body are set in polished silver, left plain, like the legs, so the colored stones really add to the integrity of the piece, although so small.

Nothing can compare to the graceful shape and magnificent color of the large lapis stone, though, which defines the piece.

It is that beautiful shape and hue that sets this pin apart from most other ones – even others of Herbert’s.

Like the stones, the silverwork is high quality, a testament to the skills of the artist.

The spider’s bright colors and slightly curved legs make him appear friendly, and suggest that he will be happy to sit on your lapel or hat – or wherever you choose to put him and enjoy your time together.

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Natural Tiger's Eye, Natural Amethyst, Natural Garnet, Natural Lapis, Natural Moonstone, Natural Mother of Pearl, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


2 7/8" L x 2 5/8" W