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Lapis “Abacus” Earrings


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Like a linear abacus, these rows of rounded disks are lined up. Artfully arranged there is a mix of shells and stones, with dark blue lapis and pale shell predominant. Accents of red coral,  orange spiny oyster shell, and bright turquoise add pizazz. All the materials are natural and cut by hand. Snug as a bug, they are encased in a box of sterling silver.

Long and slender, the shaft of stacked stones and shells is intriguing in its color, and the contrasting play of round and vertical shapes. These earrings look contemporary, and fun, at the same time. Boho chic, is one label for them.

As expected, from this eminent jeweler, they are precisely made, and arranged artfully. Fine, natural materials are combined in an unusual and flattering form.

With a range of hues, these intriguing earrings will go with every color in your wardrobe.

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Coral, Lapis, Natural Turquoise, Shell, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L X 1/4" W