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Lantern-Form Large Ornament


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Ben’s mother is Kiowa; his Navajo father is the well-known painter, Yellowman.

Ben is noted for his award-winning paintings, but here has created a lovely fantasy of painted paper, ready to hang anywhere in your home.

Shaped into a form resembling an Asian lantern, this imposing piece is washed in metallic paint, so it shimmers like bronze.

Kiowa men and women dance in their finery, all around the paneled areas of the center, adding saturated, solid colors to the gleaming background.

The women’s clothes are decorated with white shells, and long fringe, with flower-like stars above.

The men are less detailed but are surrounded by starburst shapes, as well.

In the narrowed areas, above and below, are abstract representations of shells or feathers, along with red and white circles.

No matter which way you turn it, this three-dimensional painting rewards the eye; perfect for hanging it or refreshing your visual pleasure by rotating it on a shelf or mantel.

With vibrant colors, this would even make a wonderfully creative addition to your holiday decor.

However, with vivid hues and pleasing shape, this will look good hung anywhere and will make an unusual, festive and decorative addition to your home, all year long.

A wonderfully creative idea, painted with panache and skill, this unique piece will excite conversation and admiration and will embellish your home for years to come.

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Acrylic Paint, Paper, Wood


9" H X 6" Diameter