Landscape with Eagle

Chris Peshlakai



Shadowy cliffs, clear, clean air, a rippling creek, and a lone eagle, floating above it all, in the vast, clear blue sky.

This gifted, self-taught artist, from a notable, artistic family, has captured the still purity and sharp contrasts of the western landscape with his customary mastery.

His landscapes are so realistic they go beyond mere realism, sometimes into a sort of dream-like spirituality, as here.

Evergreens form a textured ruff at the base of the unyielding, craggy cliffs.

Delicately painted fronds in the foreground add color, as does the band of sunlit grass in the background.

Gently rippled water flows around the boulders in the creek. Every element: grass trees, rocks, even the narrow waterfalls in the distance, is clearly differentiated.

The monolithic, impregnable cliff creates an effect as noble and powerful as the eagle hovering in the pristine sky.

The artist’s sense of perspective and proportion elevate his work beyond the merely realistic.

An aura of other-worldly serenity produces an impressive feeling of majesty.

Immerse yourself in this magical tranquility; looking at this painting is like a meditation.


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