Land and Sky Ring


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This young artist is part of the well-known Peina family of Zuni jewelers. Abe favors modern designs, based on tradition.

This ring is meticulous in its execution, traditional in inspiration, and beautifully modern in design.

The broad band of silver is divided into two areas, by a deeply cut band of darkened and lightly textured silver.

Above, the plain silver represents the clear, cloudless skies of New Mexico; below the peaked band, the silver is heavily textured to symbolize the land.

The zig-zag, darkened line forms peaks that refer to the mountains that surround Zuni land.

An attractive, geometric design, featuring both gleaming, plain silver and wonderful textures, this also has a spiritual component, for the artist, evoking his ancestral land and big sky.

Yin/yang is not just a Chinese concept; southwestern American tribes strive for that balance, as well.

A really handsome ring, it hides its meaning behind its design. Enjoy them both.

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Sterling Silver

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5/8" W