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Lacy Overlay Pendant with Turquoise


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You would never guess it, from the delicacy and precision of his work, but this fine, under-the-radar jeweler struggled with silversmith techniques when he started out, supervised by his mother-in-law!

Many a delighted collector, and awards, later, he is known for his handsome, refined, modern pieces that are priced remarkably fairly.

Although it is silver overlaid on silver, he has left the silver alone, rather than darkening the background.

Therefore, this beautiful pendant looks like frozen lace, and evokes the charm of Victorian jewelry.

A gorgeous, oval, natural turquoise sits above an applied silver plaque, in a matching shape.

Patches of bright blue show through a misting of matrix, like the sky on a cloudy day.

The plain bezel is surrounded by an overlaid design that resembles both feathers, and stepped rain motifs.

Feathers symbolize prayers, and rain is most often prayed for, in the high desert. It is very good luck.

Below this slightly raised oval, the outer border is etched into angular spirals, separated by vertical lines at top, bottom, and both sides.

This symbol refers to storm clouds and wind; more good luck.

Those vertical lines mean that the blessing of rainstorms should extend to all four corners of the earth.

The silver on this border is lightly scored into tiny vertical lines.

Aside from the pleasing contrast of texture, this also resembles rain – a visual pun.

Vertical, chiseled lines also decorate the bail, making the design totally integrated.

Dainty, but solid; feminine, but not frilly, this is a supremely lovely pendant that is also meaningful.


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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 1/5” L x 1” W