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Labradorite Pendant


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No need to travel to the Arctic Circle to view the otherworldly northern lights.

When you wear this pendant, you will carry that heavenly beauty everywhere you go.

Natural labradorite is a mineral composed of a particular type of feldspar, found especially in the hard, ancient rocks of the Canadian shield – hence the name.

The glorious iridescence which characterizes this stone is actually a reflection of light that strikes within the stone. Different surfaces reflect different colors.

This pendant is cut from a piece of labradorite that is unusual in its single hue, a mesmerizing, celestial blue.

The luminous quality of this gorgeous stone resembles the sky under a full moon.

Natural striations within the radiant stone look like rainfall, which would be very good luck for the Navajo, so it has an innate beauty and a spiritual attraction, as well.

Set simply, to spotlight the ethereal stone, this unique pendant will certainly evoke many compliments and questions.

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Natural Labradorite, Sterling Silver


1 7/8" L x 7/8" W