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Labradorite Pendant


Organically shaped sterling pendant, textured and overlaid rain and cloud signs on border. Large natural labradorite set in chiseled bezel.

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We still miss the late Henry Rosetta, who was a wonderfully creative and versatile jeweler, as well as a lovely man.  We keep finding more pieces of his that had escaped attention until now, so some lover of intriguing jewelry will be really fortunate. This pendant is typical of his work: an unusual stone in an unusual shape, placed in an organically formed setting of sterling silver.

The silver border is textured, with various overlaid rain and cloud symbols around the edge, that are highly polished. The contrast is subtle and beautiful. Standing up from the silver base, the star of this show is marvelous, irregularly shaped, natural labradorite. Depending on how light hits the stone, it looks dark and slightly marbled or alive with mysterious, green iridescence that shifts and dances like the northern lights.

Deceptively simple at first glance, this is a sophisticated tweak of tradition, turning it into a splendid, modern pendant. It will embellish any beads, heishi, or collar, since there is a shepherd’s hook on the back.

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Natural Labradorite, Sterling Silver


2" long x 1 5/8" wide