Labradorite Bear Fetish

Abby Quam Panteah


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Abby is a member of two of the most well-known fetish carving families in Zuni.

She continues the old, abstract style of carving, where a found stone resembles a particular animal without realistic detail.

The bear is the Guardian of the West, and a powerful hunting and protective fetish animal.

Bears are honored by almost all tribes, because of their strength and survival skills.

This sleekly handsome bear is carved from a darkly earthy stone that contains bits of that wondrously iridescent labradorite mineral.

When held and moved, tiny sparks of brilliant blue and teal flash here and there, almost as if the bear were a celestial figure, with tiny bursts of northern lights emphasizing that other-worldliness.

The stone is polished to a marvelous, smooth finish, with the inlaid turquoise eyes repeating the flashes of labradorite.

His back is deliciously polished and flat, perfect for your thumb to invoke the protective qualities of the bear. Or, to destress.

Although he is completely abstract, except for the head, little ears, and the faintly etched claws on his front paws, this bear is completely recognizable.

An unusual and fine representation of this powerful protector.

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