Koshares and Puppy Bowl

Marilyn Lewis Ray



This celebrated potter’s charming figures have become even more detailed and animated in recent years.

This friendship bowl shows two happy little Koshares, smiling at each other over a finely painted bowl, with a surprise at the bottom.

Striped Koshares are one of the most recognizable Pueblo clowns; these two youngsters must be apprentices.

A three-dimensional little gecko sits on one outstretched hand

The other Koshare sits on the rim of the bowl, a rotund little ladybird perched on one horn.

A plump, beautifully painted Monarch butterfly is settled on the inside rim of the bowl.

Looking inside, there is an adorable puppy on the bottom of the bowl, one paw raised!

He seems to be asking for help in getting out; there are tiny, tell-tale paw prints showing his descent.

Easier to get in, than get out, it seems.

The exterior of the bowl is painted in fine line and stepped rain designs, which imply good luck.

Totally hand made and traditional, from clay to paint, this is a delightfully charming, expertly made piece from this famous artist.



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