Koshare Soccer Player


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A master of small-scale, meticulously detailed watercolor and ink paintings, this artist likes to portray Koshares – ceremonial clowns who burlesque behavior.

He often portrays them in ridiculously unexpected activities, as here.

With amazingly precise realism, he shows one of these striped clown/dancers in mid-action, a soccer ball between his feet, about to boot it.

Soccer may be popular in the pueblos, but definitely not during a ceremony!

The detail is impressive: look at the folds in his moccasins, the texture of the kilt, the hands and fingers, even the way his medicine bag is swaying with the motion of the figure.

The background is  lovely mix of blue sky and sunshine.

Archival matte and frame mean this artwork will stay pristine, to be enjoyed for generations.

It would be a good combination with the golfer and basketball Koshare paintings by this artist, elsewhere on this site.

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Matted and Framed, Watercolor


10" high x 9"wide, including frame