Koshare Painting

Fred Cleveland



Fred Cleveland was introduced to art at an early age.  Born on the Navajo reservation, Fred’s mother was a weaver and his father was a sand painter.  He was introduced to drawing and painting when his mother went to teach weaving at Arizona State College in Flagstaff.  Because the family could not afford a babysitter, Fred would sit in the class while his mother taught, and the students would pass him pencils and paper to keep him busy.  It was here that Fred found his love for drawing and painting, a medium which he has excelled in for many years.

That love is clearly seen in his work, and this striking Koshare painting is no exception.

Done in muted tones, the Koshare almost seems serene, as if he is waiting for something to happen.  There is a sparkle in  his eye, maybe a hint of mischief yet to come.

The warm, rosy-brown hues of the painting are accented by bright blue turquoise, both in a pendant at the Koshare’s neck, and two drops for earrings.  They provide a stark contrast to the otherwise dichromatic piece.

A beautiful representation of a sacred part of Pueblo culture, this Koshare would look wonderful keeping watch over a fireplace or hallway, or carefully eyeing an office space.

A standout example of work from a talented artist, and at a bargain price, this is a piece you don’t want to miss out on!

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