Koshare Offering



This artist is nationally known for his virtuoso, naturalistic, sculpting.

He has received numerous prestigious awards for his work, including being named a “Local Treasure” by a major museum in New Mexico, and is eagerly collected all over the nation, and abroad.

We are always thrilled to have an original clay sculpture by this major artist, since he works increasingly in bronzes, recently.

This figure is a masterful rendering of a Koshare, a Pueblo clown, and a ceremonial figure.

Easily recognized by their black and white painted stripes and dried corn husk tassels, the Koshares are social controllers who burlesque inappropriate behavior or simply entertain with silly humor.

However, they also dance and perform various ceremonial duties, and that is how this Koshare is depicted.

Joe’s remarkable gift of expression is evident in the focussed gaze of the figure, as he offers cornmeal (probably) to the spirits.

Notice the delicacy of his facial features and fingers.

Except for the beaded necklace, the cloth bands on his wrists, and the dried corn husks in the headdress, this figure is made entirely of hand-gathered clay, traditionally gathered, formed, and painted.

Every detail, from seemingly supple leather moccasins and cloth kilt to the naturalistically formed ears, is realistic and beautifully proportioned.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire one of this superstar’s original clay works, which are increasingly rare!


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Beads, Cloth, Dried Corn Husks, Hand Processed Local Clay and Clay Slip; Natural Pigment


13 3/4" H x 5 1/4" W x 5 1/2" Deep