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Koshare Kachina with Purple Bandanna


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With a Hopi mother and a Navajo father, the artist participates in both cultures, beautifully.

His talents are many, since his paintings are as widely collected as his kachinas.

Here, his carving skill is demonstrated in a wonderfully detailed example, full of exaggerated realism and great humor.

The droll pose and silly smirk fabulously convey the Koshare’s role: exaggerating inappropriate behavior as a goad to improving behavior – and also entertaining the crowd.

With his pigeon toes, and funny expression, tongue just showing, this carving provokes instant smiles and chuckles.

Evidently, it is hard work to get that bandana around his tummy!

Meticulous attention to detail shows in the medicine bag decorated with rain symbols, the turquoise, coral and clamshell disk necklace, the moccasins, shorts, kerchief, and the tip of the tongue, peeking out from the corner of the mouth.

Wearing a traditional kilt over denim shorts is another humorous touch.

Even from the back, the thick hair, folds in the bandanna, and pigeon-toed stance make this carving very viewable.

All these details, both in concept and execution, make this kachina a carving of the highest quality.

A marvelous piece by an artist with a famous name, and the talent to live up to it. (Yes, the legendary R.C. Gorman was a relation.)



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Dead Cottonwood Root, Paint


10 5/8" H x 2 3/8" W x 2 1/8" deep