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Koshare Kachina with Flowers


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Nephew of the famed innovator of Native art and jewelry, Charles Loloma, Wilmer is also a prominent, award-winning artist whose medium is carved wood, not metals and stones.

This piece is a Koshare, one of the Pueblo clowns, who provide entertainment, correct social behavior, and also fulfill ceremonial duties. They are readily recognized by their black and white painted stripes and horned headdress. This finely detailed Koshare is kneeling, actually sitting on his heels, and proffering flowers. The flowers, turquoise necklace, kilt, moccasins and in-turned feet are all scrupulously carved, as are his traditional hairstyle, bunched-up cloth tied around his middle, and the realistic features and proportions.

He is carved from a dead cottonwood root, which is not only traditional, but spiritual; cottonwoods’ deep roots reach down to water, so there is an implied prayer for that precious resource in using this wood. Only dead roots are used, so that no live tree is harmed, and the balance of nature is undisturbed.

This is a delightful Koshare, expertly carved and painted in a sweet, rather than malicious, stance. Vividly hued, charmingly positioned, this is a masterful carving by an acknowledged master of his medium.

Cottonwood Root, Paints, Wood

Width: 3 1/8″ Height: 8 3/4″ Depth: 3 1/4″