Koshare in Shorts

Richard Gorman


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Thanks to his parents’ differing affiliations, the artist participates in both Hopi and Navajo cultures, beautifully.

His talents are many, since his paintings are as widely collected as his kachinas. (And yes, he is related to that famous Navajo painter, R.C. Gorman.)

His kachinas are wonderfully detailed, full of exaggerated realism and great humor – just right for a Koshare, who is a clown.

Meant to entertain by exaggerating inappropriate behavior, as well as having some ceremonial duties, Koshares are supposed to be somewhat grotesque, as well as funny.

This fellow has ears of corn stuffed in his pockets, and, tongue hanging out, rubbing his tummy, seems to be relishing the taste – either in anticipation, or having already had some.

Unlike tradition dictates, he is wearing cut-off denim shorts, with his kilt over that! The better to stash his corn ears, I guess.

The tassels in his headdress are real, dried corn husks.

The details are wonderfully carved: Shorts with stitched back and side pockets, wrapped moccasins, kilt, fingers, jewelry, and more.

In concept and execution, this is a kachina carving of the highest quality.

A wonderful piece, by an artist with a famous name, and the talent to live up to it.



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