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Koshare Figure


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This gifted son of the noted potter Fannie Loretto, sibling of super-star Kathy Wall, and equally multi-talented Adrian Wall, follows the family tradition in creating fine figural pottery pieces.

This is a Koshare, a Pueblo clown.

These black and white striped figures are instantly recognizable, and a favorite with collectors and artists, alike.

This shyly smiling drummer is preparing to pace the dancers at a feast-day dance.

At other pueblos, Koshares act as social commentators, burlesquing inappropriate behavior, but not at Jemez, where they keep more to ceremonial duties.

Completely fashioned by hand, traditionally, this larger figure was formed of hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, and -painted clay, and pit-fired, just as his ancestors have done for centuries.

There are stepped rain signs on his drum and on the headdress, with a fine cornstalk on the back of his head.

Rain is prayed-for; corn is the welcome result, and happiness, good health and prosperity follow.

If you have one (or more) of Kathy Wall’s Koshares, or one of her, or her mother’s masks, this is a great way to enlarge a collection of this famous family’s work.

Or, start one – Marcus’s Koshares are few and far between.


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Vegetal Paint, Deerskin, Dried Corn Husks, Felt, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


14" H x 7 1/2" W x 8 1/2" deep