Koshare Dancer Painting



Koshares are clowns. They mimic and exaggerate unacceptable behavior or, as here, act so out of character that it is laughable.

The idea of a clown that is a warrior? Ridiculous, right?

With the scrupulous attention to detail for which he is known, this “master of the miniature painting” has portrayed one of the most recognizable kachinas in the midst of a dance.

Look at the way he painted the moccasins, the textures of the kilt, medicine bag, wooden bow, rattle, feathers and the fingers.

All the details are amazingly naturalistic.

Suspended in mid-step, the fringes on his legs and the rattle, his kilt, and even the medicine bag, swing with the motion of the dance.

The sunny background colors enliven the traditional black and white decoration of the koshare.

Archival matte and framing make this koshare all ready to dance onto your wall.


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Watercolor and Ink, Wood Frame


10" H x 9" W framed | 4" H x 3" W unframed