Koshare Conductor

Joe Cajero Jr.



A remarkable piece by an outstanding artist, this is one of Joe Cajero’s most imaginative figures.

Winner of many, many prestigious awards, Joe ( and his wife, Althea) was recently named a dual, official “Local Treasure” by a New Mexico state museum.

We are so glad to have one more of his original clay figures, since he is tending to create bronze editions of his in-demand work. And what a piece!

He has expanded the usual poses of Koshares, these Pueblo clowns who act inappropriately – or, in this case, so unrealistically as to be ridiculous.

The artist has created an elegant, formally dressed Koshare-Conductor

Modeled with Joe’s customary, meticulous detail, the conductor stands proudly upright, happily thrilled, and about to give his orchestra the downbeat.

He wears a formal shirt-front and bowtie (but not the whole shirt!) over his traditional kilt and painted, black and white striped body and face.

His traditional horned headdress, topped with dried corn husks sits firmly on his head, with moccasins on his feet.

A music stand, painted with traditional motifs, at the bottom, is in front of the conductor.

Exquisitely depicted; as always, the expressive face, finely modeled fingers, hands, ears, and belly are naturalistic and proportioned realistically.

The figure and music stand are formed traditionally, from hand-gathered clay, using natural clay slips, and vegetal paint for the black.

This is a major piece by this exceptional artist, and remarkable for its size and subject, as well as the creative inspiration and skill that realized it.

A true collector’s piece, that will delight all who see it.

Their enjoyment will be music to your ears!

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