“Kona” Chipmunk Kachina

Timothy Talawepi


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Like his scurrying, furry little namesake, the chipmunk kachina, “Kona”, is a racer. He also carries fronds with which to whip racers who beat him!

Like all of Timothy Talawepi’s kachinas he is colorful, authentic, full of life-like detail, and a splendid carving.

The figure is depicted as an actual dancer/racer, and really buff – no rounded tummy!

Entirely in human proportions, the figure is graceful and realistic, seemingly caught as he is running.

The ties around his legs are flapping as he runs.

The chipmunk mask has the animal’s characteristic stripe down the center of his face, and there are dots on his arms and legs.

Carved with just a penknife, from a solid piece of dead cottonwood root, this is an exceptional kachina in action, regalia, detail, and accuracy.

Notice the perfectly proportioned hands, even to the fingernails; the carefully carved and painted ketoh on one arm and heishi bracelets on the other.

Moccasins not only have the right leathery look, they are folded realistically, too.

His kilt is painted in bright colors, depicting rain and lightning signs.

He stands on a high and wide wooden stand, resembling the rocky mesas of Hopi land.

Like all this artist’s work, this chipmunk is splendidly executed, and splendid to look at.


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