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Kokopelli Plate




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A highly decorated and intricate design on an impeccably even and thinly potted base of bright white Acoma clay.

From a celebrated family of pottery artists, Marilyn Ray is famous for her winsome children and animal pieces, but there is no sign of them here.

She has arranged age-old symbols in a masterful composition that is as visually exciting as it is meaningful.

The theme is abundance, prosperity, and happiness.

It features Kokopelli, the flute-player, who also sows the seeds (seen in the basket on his back) of all life.

Fine-line designs represent rain, which is necessary for crops and all life; jagged lightning shapes end in a spiral with falling rain lines beneath it.

The white sections on left and right are textured, in contrast with the smooth, burnished finish on the reverse and the stripe down the middle.

Triangles connect all the sections of the exquisitely executed design.

This balanced but lively composition is full of energy and animation.

The touches of color – all natural clay slips – add to the dynamic effect.

A wonderful “straight” piece by this notable artist.

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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip and Vegetal Pigment


5 1/4" diameter, 5/8" high