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Kokopelli Kachina Carving a Kachina


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This wonderful carver has created another collector’s “must-have”. Here is a fully realized Kokopelli kachina, shown sitting on a rock, intent on carving his very own kachina – a witty, wonderful concept.

As are all his pieces, this kachina is carved with meticulous care, fashioned with the artist’s characteristic, intricate, life-like detail. Timothy also paints his pieces with the same scrupulous attention, over a considerable period of time, using the best artists’ oil paints – a very unusual choice, but one that doesn’t dry out the wood, and with endlessly modifiable effects.

There are so many notable details to point out in this piece: look at the beautifully realized hands and fingers; the textures and folds of the clothing, moccasins, and the beautifully realistic eagle feather. Each detail, and the roughed-in kachina Kokopelli is working on, carefully rendered with carving and/or paint. There really is no need to describe this piece – one look tells you what a superior work it is, and how unusual is the subject matter.

Dead Cottonwood Root, Oil Paints

Width: 3 1/4″ Height: 9″ Depth: 3 1/4″