Kokopelli Eye-Dazzler

Frederica V Antonio


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A superb, thin-walled polychrome pot with a perfect shape, and remarkable design and execution. She is known for work of the highest quality, and it is eagerly collected.

This multiple-award-winning artist has evolved a style that is unique: transforming the traditional fine-line patterns of Acoma pottery into a grid of minuscule squares.

That pattern resembles a computer print-out. The all-over geometric designs form a pattern that is stunning.

In a recent innovation of hers, a swathe of pure white, underlying clay reveals a line of Kokopellis, ascending across one side of the squared spiral pattern.

Kokopelli is the Life-Bringer, blowing the seeds that create crops, animals, and all life on earth.

The square spirals are her version of traditional rain cloud symbols. Rain fosters healthy crops, therefore everyone is happy, healthy and prosperous.

The pot has two different, looks, depending on which side is displayed.

The amazingly intricate design stops at the neck of this perfectly proportioned pot, where a different, more static pattern allows the eye to rest.

Eight horizontal rows of larger squares, in red and black on the white clay base, create a pleasantly orderly and sedate pattern.

This contrasts with the flickering, dynamic movement of the eye-dazzling designs below.

A band of solid red clay slip inside the rim, and a plain white bottom, while traditional, also rest the eye.

Forming the olla is the “easy” part, according to the artist. Applying a pattern can take one or two weeks.

“I use a yucca leaf. I chew it down to fibers, and that’s how I make my fine lines,” she explains.

Only two or three fibers of the leaf are sometimes needed, so tiny are the elements of her designs.

This is the age-old, traditional “brush” that Pueblo potters have used for millennia.

Frederica is justly celebrated and honored for her exceptional work.

Enjoy this two-sided pot. It is a stunner, with, or without, the design of Kokopellis.



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