Kokopelli and Corn Stalks Fetish


Very dark jadeite one piece carving of Kokopelli next to cornstalk. Nice details of toes, cornstalk and ears, etc.

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Kokopelli is sometimes called the Flute-Player, but for the Zuni and Hopi, dry farmers all, he is the Life-Bringer. Kokopelli blows seeds though that pipe, fertilizing all living things, humans and crops, included.

This depiction of Kokopelli has him standing beside a vigorous cornstalk, the result of his spiritual work, signifying health, happiness and prosperity.

The figure is abstractly humanoid; notice the details of his feet, stance, and flute/pipe.

This is a fabulous one-piece carving: every sinuous leaf and stalk, every ear of corn – and kernel – as well as the figure itself, were carefully carved from one chunk of stone.

Created with impressive skill, creativity, and reverence for tradition, by this major, award-winning artist.

This carving is truly a collector’s piece. Sculpture? Fetish? This unique carving is both.



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4 7/8" high x 2 1/4" wide x 2" deep