Knifewing Dancer Pin Pendant


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An exceptionally handsome and complex Knifewing figure with a Sunface incorporated into the body of the piece.

Traditional in subject(s) and materials: turquoise, coral, jet and mother of pearl; the double subjects and decorative quality of the piece are the artist’s own interpretation.

Little touches, like the use of both red coral and pink coral and the accent of yellow mother of pearl in the figure’s moccasins, are not only original, but executed brilliantly.

Fanning out from the bottom of the Sunface are five inlaid feathers, that are also symbols of the sun’s rays. Edging the piece with a variety of sterling silver domes adds a festive air, and sparkle, too.

This is a real attention-getter, in the nicest possible way, by this gifted husband and wife team: the signature, RC Gasper incorporates both Ryland, and his wife Claudia.

Wearable as either a pin and/or a pendant, there are numerous ways to show off their remarkable artistry and skill, and your discriminating taste.



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