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Knife-Carved Morning Singer Kachina


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Long noted for his intricately carved miniature kachinas, this artist has lately moved up to larger sizes that maintain all the meticulous detail of the little ones. This fabulous Morning Singer is carved from only one piece of dead cottonwood root, from head to base. Only the fan of feathers behind the head was carved and added separately. And it was all carved merely with a knife!


Associated with the moisture of morning dew, Morning Singers appear during the Bean Dances, and aid in asking for a plentiful harvest to come. He carries a bell, and an evergreen sprig (here, it’s more of a branch), and has rainclouds and lightning painted on his cheeks. There are also stepped rain symbols on his kilt. Eagle feathers sit atop his head, with a large fan on his feathery headdress. Every detail is authentic and carefully painted, as well as carved. With the reds in his sashes, blanket, kilt – and ears! – as well as the green and turquoise of his body paint and evergreens, this is quietly colorful, as well as intricately carved.


A charming and, more importantly, expert example of the waning art of knife-carving a one-piece kachina. An important piece to add to a collection, or a stellar piece to start one.



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Dead Cottonwood Root, Paint


8 3/4" high x 2 3/8" wide x 2 1/8" deep