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Kiva and Cloud Olla


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A talented potter from Isleta Pueblo, Caroline was reportedly one vote shy of being voted Indian Artist of the Year a few years ago. This is a peer-voted honor, which says a great deal about her work and her personality.

Her quiet gentility is reflected in her work: gently rounded forms, subtle contrasts, softly gleaming polish, and restrained decoration. A deep sense of serenity and peace is present in everything she creates.

Caroline says her means of paying homage to the Creator “is to create something beautiful that comes from Mother Earth, from which we all came.”

That sentiment is completely apparent here.  Beautiful red clay has been hand-gathered, -coiled and -built into this gently curved olla.  Somewhat rounded kiva step and cloud designs were then carved into the piece, with a light stippling texture to enhance the smoothness of the stone polish on the bottom of the olla.  The top has been carefully smoothed and left matte, a beautiful juxtaposition to the shine below.

The natural clay and slip is slightly micaceous, causing light to jump from it’s surface and sparkle.

Not too large, but substantial in weight, this olla is definitely a beauty!

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5" Diameter, 5" H


Natural Clay and Clay Sips