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Kitten Napping on Plate


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Sister of star potters Rebecca Lucario and Carolyn Concho, Judy Lewis, and Diane Lewis, Marilyn Ray has her own stack of prize-ribbons.

Marilyn is especially known for her winsome figural pieces, like this irresistibly cuddly kitten.

Evidently, this little kitty tramped through a lot of mud, before finding a cozy place to sleep off her/his exertions – note the beautifully painted paw prints, from the edge of the dish right up to the sleeping beauty, itself.

Famed for her adorable children and animals, transformed into clay, the artist has a deep knowledge and feel for kitty posture and behavior.

The little cat is adorably plump, and happily resting its head on crossed paws, in a very lifelike pose.

The dish itself is beautifully made, of hand-gathered clay that was formed by coiling, burnished and smoothed by hand, and painted with traditional designs, in red clay slip and dark vegetal paint.

Both parts of the piece were fired together, traditionally.

Fetching as it is, this is also a piece of expert pottery, and artistic, skill.

Pottery collectors, animal lovers, and cat people, this cutie is for you!

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Hand Processed Local Clay and Clay Slip; Natural Pigment


3 1/4" Diameter x 2 1/4" H