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King’s Manassa Turquoise Necklace


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An accomplished potter – and baker of terrific oven bread – this gifted lady is also a fine jeweler, as you can see, here.

A long strand of beautifully graduated stabilized, King’s Manassa turquoise makes an updated version of a classic Pueblo piece.

The Manassa turquoise mine,near Manassa Colorado, is historic; turquoise was mined there by Anasazi Indians, hundreds of years ago.

It is now played out, and the turquoise is found only in personal stashes. It is typically this mossy green, with toasty warm matrix.

Here, the disks are exquisitely graduated in size, and are separated at the bottom, by even teenier pieces of matching turquoise beads.

This gives the necklace a highly attractive texture, to accent the long row of disks strung cheek by jowl.

Two beads of gleaming, cleanly stamped silver add more visual accents.

Handsome to see and so easy to wear, heishi goes with everything, day or even, night.

Throw it on and enjoy!

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27" L | Largest Disk is 3/8" diameter


and Sterling Silver, Natural King's Manassa Turquoise