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Kingman Turquoise Rain Pendant


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This son of award-winning silversmith, Allison Lee, has been making jewelry from a young age.

Make that an “even younger” age, since he is all of 26 years old! His role models include a roster of mega-famous names, including Raymond Yazzie, Vernon Haskie, Jennifer Curtis, and more.

Judging by this magnificent pendant, Kyle’s name will certainly be up there with them, in the future.

A spectacular, natural, large, Kingman Water Web turquoise sits in a raised shadowbox, surrounded by a series of polished, textured, stamped, and cut-out silver designs.

Termed “water web” because of the lacy web of darker turquoise matrix, with light areas that resemble water spots, this particular stone is the absolute finest of its kind, in size, coloration, and all-over pattern.

The silverwork is worthy of the remarkable turquoise; impeccably precise, beautifully composed, and integrated with the watery inspiration of the stone.

A low, chiseled bezel supports the incredible turquoise, attached to a beautiful, cut-out border of stepped rain signs.

Stone, bezel and stepped border are all set above a darkened shadowbox; the highly polished rain signs gleam even more brightly against the matte black background.

A frame of rounded and polished silver finishes these center elements.

The splendid turquoise is raised above its stepped silver frame, and that is raised above the outer border of the pendant.

Keeping attention on the brilliantly polished center silver – and that stupendous stone – the body of the silver is slightly concave, gently textured with an all-over sandy finish, and slightly darkened.

Abutting the center oval, a border of smaller, stamped stepped elements complement the rain signs in the center, and produces a lacy effect, like a silver doily.

Kyle has even made the bail an integrated part of the design, textured and darkened to match the outer border, and stamped with similar stepped rain signs and squat crosses, in the gleaming middle.

The cross forms, in the lustrous center of the bail, refer to the four corners of the earth; the blessings of rain are meant to extend everywhere.

So, water drops in the turquoise, leads to rain signs, in various sizes, and textured silver that looks like a rain-moistened surface.

Every part of this exceptional pendant relates beautifully to every other, in theme, design, finish, and shape.

Bail and pendant are not only designed as one, but they are also proportional to each other.

The bail will hold beads up to 5/8-inch in diameter.

From that unbelievably stupendous turquoise to the exquisitely precise and composed silverwork, this pendant is not only extraordinary, but it will also certainly be in a museum, in the future.

In the meantime, wear it proudly, and enjoy its quality and beauty.

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Natural Kingman Water Web Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Stone is 1 1/4" L x 1 1/8" W | Pendant is 4" L Including Bail x 2 3/4" W