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Kingman Turquoise and Rosarita Hummingbird Pin


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The talented wife of talented Michael Dukepoo finds time from caring for three children to create award-winning, stunning inlaid jewelry, Case in point, this gorgeous hummingbird, ready to dazzle any outfit (or hat). Hummingbirds are a favorite symbol for Pueblo people, since they help to propagate plants, including crops.


This beautiful bird is formed to look as if it is hovering in full flight, and the richly colorful hues of the uncommon, premium-quality stones add to its striking allure. The inlay pattern complements and accentuates the gracefully curvy silhouette. High grade, natural Kingman turquoise includes some pieces that exhibit glittering gold pyrite matrix, as well as a lovely blue color that is so prized. In order to cut the turquoise into rectangles and sharp corners, it has to be of the very highest degree of hardness, which translates into the highest quality.

Natural rosarita makes a striking contrast in hue. Rosarita is a byproduct of gold mining. Here, the deep, deep, red looks almost brown, but glints with opal-like sparks of brilliant red, as the light hits it. The one little turquoise eye is a lovely accent. The inlaid stones are set high, conveying the effect of feathery plumage. Gleaming sterling silver edges are chiseled, giving a further suggestion of feathers.


Ravishing in color and form, and just as beautifully made, of rarified materials of the highest order – by hand, of course – this hummingbird is an uncommonly beautiful pin that will brighten your days and nights, and those of future generations. And, it will attract compliments, like flowers attract hummingbirds!


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Natural Kingman Turquoise, Rosarita, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" long x 1 5/8" wide