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Kingman Shadowbox Bracelet


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A veteran silversmith known for balanced design and outstanding technique in his jewelry, as seen in this beautiful bracelet.

The flawless and decorative silver work creates a striking frame for the splendid, natural Kingman turquoise. The beautiful stone is raised and set in its own shadowbox, surrounded by plain and toothed bezels -all made by hand, of course.

The gleaming silver design in its own shadowbox setting, is an abstract version of traditional feather and rain patterns. The artist has emphasized a rounded form in every element, keeping the splendid turquoise as the center of attraction. With a classic open-barred cuff, this is a beautiful example of Native tradition in a modern interpretation. Handsome stone, handsomely set; an up-dated classic that will excite oohs and aahs for generations.


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Natural Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 1/4"


1 1/2"