Kingman Butterfly Pin/Pendant

Diane and Rodney Lonjose


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Butterflies are a happy omen for Native tribes in the Southwest: they help to propagate plants and crops.

And, since they are beautiful, they are often depicted in various media.

Here, this husband and wife have collaborated on a large butterfly that is not only outstandingly handsome, but can be worn in different ways.

Large stones of natural Kingman turquoise seem to reflect the beauty of the sky; touches of matrix resemble the bark of trees or the earth, itself.

Together, these hues symbolize the harmony of Nature that is so desired by Native tribes.

The silver work that sets off the gorgeous stones emphasizes the rhythmic succession of curved forms in the turquoise, creating a gracefully dramatic design.

Splendid stones, harmonious design, hand wrought silver, and the choice of wearing this as a pin, or as a pendant – that is a fabulous combination.

Wear it on your hat, your lapel, your belt, and on a chain or other necklace, and enjoy the covetous looks and admiring comments.

Sterling Silver, Natural Kingman Turquoise


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