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“Kinetic Kube” Twist Bracelet


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A Pueblo jeweler who says he’s a funny guy with a funny name, this artist made jewelry when younger, then gave his attention to the burgeoning film industry, in New Mexico.

Now that he’s older – in his late ’20’s! – he has returned to making jewelry with an explosive bang, in this extraordinary, spectacular bracelet.

A creative and contemporary take on the traditional, silver twist bracelet, this piece triumphs in concept, design, fabrication, and solidity. (The alliterative name is his own title for it.)

Starting with an unusually heavy gauge of silver, the artist has twisted and soldered four strands of stamped and cubed silver into one incredible piece.

Each strand is securely fastened, one to the other, and then are fused into the beveled, rounded ends.

First, he had to make each row of silver, separately:  two, peaked and hand-stamped on both sides; two formed into cubes.

Note that each gleaming cube was individually formed!

After each of the four strands of silver were finished, he had to twist them together.

Entwined with each other, the brightly polished rows form a remarkable and gorgeous bracelet, as contemporary as it is traditional.

The creativity behind the design equals the precision and beauty of the fabrication.

The result is a magnificent example of artistic vision and skill, blending the tradition of the past to a unique, and compelling, 21st-century design.

The film industry’s loss is our happy gain, with the re-emergence of this fabulous artist and his exceptional bracelet – a new classic.

You could stack this with other narrow cuffs, everything else will wilt, in comparison.

Wear it, and enjoy your good taste!

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/4" + 1 1/8"gap | 6 3/8" all around


1/2" W