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Journey of Life Pin/Pendant


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This gifted jeweler brings her own style to her art, very different from that of her award-winning brother, Franklin Carrillo.

Her output is extremely limited, so we are delighted to get a new piece – especially as marvelous as this pin/pendant.

Overlaid silver motifs are outstanding; the whole design is outstanding… literally and figuratively.

There is a sophisticated interplay of circular and angled forms, resulting in  wonderful drama.

As the artist titled it, this piece reflects the journey of life, which is circular, and often portrayed as a spiral.

Here, the theme also implies the blessings of life, which, in the high desert of Laguna Pueblo, often begin with water.

Centered, the spiral of life’s journey is connected to a stepped band, that curves off to the edge of the large circle.

The stepped motifs signify rain, and steps to the sacred kivas where secret ceremonies are held.

In a clever, and pleasing, play of overlaid and cut-out motifs, these rain signs are seen in all four segments of the circle.

The circular form of the piece is divided in four segments, which refer to the four corners of the earth.

In Native lore, this symbolizes the blessings of life, water included, spreading out to the whole world, and all people.

The background silver is darkened and textured, then polished enough that the raised granules glisten as if wet.

The overlaid silver is voluptuously shaped, with broad areas that gleam like mirrors. The references to water and rain are carried through in several ways.

There is even a smaller reprise of the stepped spiral form, overlaid on the reverse.

Practical, as well as creative, the artist has fastened two circles of tiny silver beads, to hold a chain or collar, or ribbon,when this is worn as a pendant.

Two loops will ensure that the pendant hangs straight, without dangling askew.

Refinement, practicality, fine workmanship, and a handsome, dramatic vision, make this pin/pendant a stunning piece of jewelry – and versatile, too.

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Sterling Silver


3" Diameter