Journey Earrings with Inlaid Dangles


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His first ambition was to design video games, an obsession that led directly to making jewelry: “At age eight I started out with jewelry making in order to buy the latest video games (my mom got tired of paying for them).” (“Mom” is celebrated jeweler, Jolene Eustace.)

Now, a noted jeweler, himself, this third-generation artist from Zuni and Cochiti Pueblos, says “The goal with my jewelry is to move forward with native designs but keep the spirit of my ancestors intact within.”

This gorgeous pair of earrings is a fine example of his work.

The top of each earring is a three-dimensional journey through life spiral, made with a castellated look that gives it a little extra pop.

Dangling from the spiral is a triangular, inlaid piece, adding a very contemporary look and feel for the entire composition.

The inlaid triangle includes a dark and beautiful combination of black-lip Mother-of-Pearl, black Pen Shell, and Natural Castle Dome Turquoise.

The overall look of each earring is enhanced by Eric’s own version of a satin finish, allowing for the depth of the design to become more noticeable.

A modern look, achieved by a highly-awarded artist, from a multi-generational family of silversmiths, these earrings will stand out no matter where they’re worn!


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