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Jewel-Tone Inlaid Cuff


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Known for the beauty and quality of his gorgeous inlaid pieces, Wes transferred his skill as a welder, to master his (then) new craft.

Now, he is considered by some to continue in the lofty tradition of jewelry giants Charles Loloma and Preston Monongye.

He takes time to execute his pieces, to ensure durability as well as beauty. His choice of the finest stones is now legendary.

This bracelet is typical of his flair for color, for the quality stones, and for the impeccable workmanship.

A beautifully composed array of red coral, rosy rhodochrosite, brilliant blue turquoise, and orange spiny oyster shell is accompanied by the bass notes of dark brown ironwood, dark purple sugilite, and jet.

The vivid colors light up the exquisitely simple silver cuff.

All the stones are natural, hand-cut and polished, and of gem grade.

Slivers of sterling channels separate and support the stones, adding sparks of glitter.

Masterful arrangement and skillful execution do justice to the superb quality of these splendidly vibrant, happy-hued stones.

With flawless silver work, the vibrant ribbon of magnificent stones makes this piece so special, and yet so typical of Wes Willie’s talent.

Stack it, wear it alone; you will want to wear it every day, and it goes with everything.

Enjoy this outstanding piece of jewelry history now, and other will, in a museum, later.


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Wrist Size

5 1/4" + 1" gap | 6 1/4+ all around


1/2 "