Jet & Turquoise Eagle Fetish

Jovanna Poblano


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A third-generation, award-winning, innovative jeweler, this famous, talented lady also cherishes her Pueblo’s traditions.

She sometimes follows in the footsteps of her illustrious grandfather, Leo Poblano. He was as famous for his fetish carvings as he was for innovative jewelry.

This handsome eagle is carved from one piece of lustrous Zuni jet, and embellished with dots of turquoise. The eagle is the Guardian of the Skies, one of the six, directional fetishes of the Zuni pantheon.

Eagles fly up so high, it seems they reach the heavens, so they are charged with carrying prayers and hopes up to the spirits above.

This carving shows the eagle from above, wings spread out, tail extended. In this pose it is sometimes termed a “Thunderbird”.

The light blue turquoise is a beautiful contrast to the polished jet, and also symbolizes the blue sky, and water, as well; good luck symbols abound in this beautiful carving.

An elegant addition to a fetish collection, a bird collection, or a collection-in-progress of the six directional animals. (You can probably fine some of the others on our web pages).

This, and her other fetishes, are in honor of her tribe, and her grandfather.

Carved in a traditional material, in a traditional way, by a very gifted, and celebrated, contemporary artist.



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