Jet Disks and Silver Necklace


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Drama and wearability in a black and silver necklace. It oozes chic and art deco glamor, but is lightweight around the neck and happily pairs with casual, as well as tailored and dressy, clothes.


Nearly two feet of meticulously graduated and polished natural jet disks are each separated at the bottom by a minuscule shell disk, for an attractive change of visual texture. Two barrels of polished silver add another contrast, each set with three long ovals of black onyx.


The high gleam of the silver against the dense black of the jet and onyx is a classic and sexy combination. The genius of heishi, however, is that it can be just as appropriate with sweaters and knits as sitting at your desk, or going out to dinner.


Light and dark, night and day, bright and brighter; this is a necklace that will add pizazz anytime, to anything in your wardrobe.

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Natural Jet, Sterling Silver


24" to 25" long, Silver Barrels are 1 3/8" long x 1/2" wide