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Jet Bear Fetish


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Bears are protective and healing animals, revered by almost all tribes for their superior strength, intelligence and survival skill.

For the Zuni, the bear is the Guardian Animal of the West.

This fetish was carved from one piece of natural jet, which is found around the Zuni lands.

His medicine bundle, tied to his back, is meant to point his powers toward the owner of the fetish.

The arrowhead is made of natural variscite, with tiny shells on either side of a natural red coral, all tied on with commercial sinew.

The jet is nicely textured, to resemble the shaggy pelt of a bear; his ears and muzzle are well-carved, and his eyes are inlaid dots of turquoise.

Although the Lasiloo family is not known for detailed carving, this bear is a happy blend of suggestive forms, and naturalism.

Add him to your collection, or make him the start of one. He is ready and willing to protect your home.

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Commercial Sinew, Natural Jet, Natural Red Coral, Natural Shell, Natural Variscite, Turquoise


2 1/2" L x 1 1/4" H x 1/2" Deep