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Jet Bat Fetish


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What is Halloween without bats flying against a full harvest moon?

This intricately carved little fellow will celebrate this eerie night all year long, with marvelous artistry and sweet blue eyes.

Bats are honored, by the Zuni, for eliminating insects, thereby protecting crops.

The delicacy and precision of the carving is no surprise; Elfina is the widow of Herbert Hustito, famed for his amazingly detailed and fragile-looking fetishes.

This delightful bat is a fully realized little mammal, with furry body, claws, whiskers, and strongly supported, webbed wings.

Made of hand-cut, -etched, -carved and -polished natural jet (often found around the Zuni land), he is pleasingly textured, and also darkly gleaming.

His eyes are bright blue turquoise, since he originated in the southwest.

This little bat is an unusual, and really appealing fetish, esthetically, as well as artistically.

Tie invisible nylon thread around his wings, and he will fly happily in a window, all year round, keeping pesky insects away.

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Natural Jet and Turquoise


2 7/8" W x 7/8" H