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Jet and Silver Escher Buckle


Slightly convex rectangle of jet on sterling, inlaid with silver lines in Escher design.

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Tsos is a meticulous artist who creates marvels of inlay that are also rare in their precision and beauty. A favorite source of inspiration is in the intricate geometric designs of the Dutch artist, Escher. This resplendent buckle is a beautiful example.

What appears to be a single slab of lustrous, natural jet is actually composed of different pieces formed into one. Incredible skill resides in the inlay of hairs-breadth, sterling silver filaments that form interlocking, seemingly three-dimensional, shapes in the jet. The design is symmetrical, balanced, and paradoxically both simple and complex. The triangular spirals at opposite corners refer to traditional Native rain cloud signs, while the central medallion hints at an Asian symbol. But the inspiration for it is mathematical and Dutch! Slightly convex, with beveled edges, the gleaming jet is framed by a border of polished silver,

Whatever the origin, the design is as elegant and sophisticated as a black-tie event, and the workmanship is gasp-worthy, also. This buckle would go beautifully with formal clothes, but just as easily with flannel slacks, – for man or woman. Tsos’ work is restrained in quantity and always different, so you won’t see any repetition. Amazing beauty, skill, quality, and wearability are characteristics of this remarkable artist.

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Natural Jet, Sterling Silver


3 3/4" wide x 2 1/2" high