Jemez Revival Swan Bowl

Joshua Madalena



This is really Jemez Pueblo pottery?!

Yes, unlike the cream and red pieces we think of today, this is what Jemez pottery looked like in the 1600’s.

The artist, rediscovered, and revived the style in the early 21st-century. When entered in Santa Fe Indian Market, in 2005, it was the first time in 300+ years, this style of pottery was seen.

Noted potter, and former Governor of the Pueblo, Joshua Madalena experimented for years, before perfecting the ancient pottery style.

This lovely bowl features a rigorous, geometric checkerboard border, with a flowing, graceful design of two swans, in the center.

Swans in the high desert may be the artist’s  own design, but it is effective, especially as a counterpoint to the rigid squares of the border.

The distinctive appearance of this ancient style is achieved by balancing air and fuel in the pit-firing, for the desired look. Not easy, but the result is strikingly modern, and very unusual.

Many years of trial and error occurred, and now we can enjoy a pottery style that hasn’t been seen since before 1680!

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