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Jasper Cuttlebone Dangles


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Together with her husband, super-star potter and sculptor Joe Cajero, Jr, this gifted, prize-winning jeweler was named New Mexico Living Treasure, the first time this was ever awarded jointly.

Her jewelry is always particularly graceful and understated. She uses the finest quality stones and is mindful of details; every part of a piece blends into a beautiful whole.

In these quietly stunning earrings, for instance, notice how the gold line, that curves across the sterling tops, is echoed in the jasper dangles, but curving in opposite directions which adds a subtle visual tension, livening up the balanced design.

The silver tops are cast in cuttle bone, which leaves that lovely pattern of parallel, slightly curved lines.

The fourteen-karat gold is applied in a graceful curve that relates to that pattern, but cuts across it.

The dangles are of natural, parti-colored jasper, in warm cinnamon and pale gold. The stone relates to the gold metal, with its warm hues, and more.

The triangular shape of the dangles is almost a mirror image of the triangular silver tops, but thicker.  Another subtle difference.

Chiseled lines in the silver wrapped around the stones is even more subtle manipulation.

These parallel lines reflect those in the cuttlebone silver, which are a bit like ripples in sand, or water.

Watery symbolism and sun-warm colors add up to an ideal balance of nature.

With reflections, repetitions, and relationships between the two parts of the earrings, a sense of  lilting harmony results.

Looking at the finished product, we see the whole: gorgeously elegant, but simple and unpretentious, satisfying to eye and spirit, with a pleasing duality between cool silver and warm gold and jasper.

As it has been said, it is all in the details.


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14k Gold, Jasper, Sterling Silver


1 7/8" long


3/4" W