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Jar-Shaped Wooden Magnet


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A Hopi/Tewa artist, Steve Mutz concentrates on fascinating alternatives to painting on canvas or carving kachinas.

His latest, ingenious, creative innovation is this refrigerator magnet, which will elevate your fridge to gallery status.

Shaped like a Hopi pottery jar, and painted like one, too, it is etched, with a Hopi maiden as the primary design.

She has the traditional girl’s hairdo, is wrapped in a blanket, is surrounded by dots symbolizing raindrops, with power rising from the earth beneath her, referring to growing crops.

The neck of the piece is spatter-painted, just like some pottery, with vertical lines coming down, signifying rainfall.

Full of handsome color and form, this unusual magnet is loaded with good luck symbols, too!

And the magnet is pretty large and strong, so this good looking work of art, actually works, as well.

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Dead Cottonwood Root/ Acrylic Paints


5 1/4" x 23/4" W x 1/2" Thick