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Japanese-Inspired Bracelet


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Son of award-winning jewelers Carlton and Winnie Jamon, young Alex follows in his father’s modern footsteps, with this WOW of a bracelet.

Boldly sculptural, this is a statement of exceptional creativity on the artist’s part, and daringly good taste on the eventual owner’s part.

The unusual design was inspired by Japanese art: the protruding fan shapes on top resemble “kanzashi”, traditional Japanese hairdo accessories.

Seen in many Japanese paintings and prints of the Edo period (1603 -1868), these decorative hairpins evolved from prehistoric times, when they were considered protection against evil spirits.

The dish shape on top might refer to the updo that Japanese women of the period wore.

Fan-shaped ends are traditional, referring to gingko leaves.

All over the surface of the cuff, are hand-stamped spirals in various sizes, some overlapping.

This decorative pattern resembles a fabric, and reminds us of traditional designs on scrolls, fabrics and kimonos.

With marvelous texture, everywhere, the silver has an antiqued finish, so the wonderful stamp work and chiseling are easily visible.

Comfortable to wear, this bracelet is, quite obviously, not an everyday adornment, but a fabulous party accessory.

However, it is also a fascinating inter-cultural design: the many spirals stamped into the silver cuff represent water, the best of luck in southwestern Native culture.

For the ancient Chinese, and then, Japanese, this symbol was called “Seigaiha” or “blue sea wave”, used to depict seas on old Chinese maps.

They first appeared in Japan during the 6th century, and are still popular designs today, regarded as lucky omens.

Amazing confluence of meaning and design between the two cultures, isn’t it?

So, when you wear this stunning piece of wearable sculpture, you will be able to regale the admiring throng with the historical and cultural information behind it.

And, by the way, it is a gorgeous piece of jewelry skill, as well as esthetically dazzling, and a real bargain, too. (Thanks to the young artist’s age.)

PS It can be sized down or up, a bit – ONCE only.

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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 5/8" + 1 1/4" gap | 6 7/8" all around


Cuff is 2 " W | with Extensions, 4 7/8" W