Jaguar Handled Cup


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Universally acknowledged as one of the best potters working today, Joseph is a top award-winning artist who creates some of the finest traditional, polychrome works.

Here, he departed from the imposingly large ollas for which he is noted – and from collaborating with his wife, Barbara, who usually paints his pieces.

Unusually, this effigy-handled cup is his work, alone.

Joseph likes to research historical pots for ideas. Of a good size, this piece is inspired by ages-old pieces.

The yucca leaf design in black on white is very traditional to Acoma Pueblo; the delightful, sculpted jaguar handle is a throwback to earlier civilizations in the area.

Note the almost perfect form of the cup – it is so even all around – a typical Joseph Cerno element.

The polychrome jaguar is pigmented with natural clay and plant colors. His face and tail are highly detailed.

His spots harmonize beautifully with the all-over yucca-leaf pattern, creating a lively energy.

A fine example of pottery-making, and an arresting design of historical interest.

This is a rare example of a solo piece by this recognized and much honored master potter.

A wonderful collector’s piece.


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