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Jackrabbit in Overalls


Carved and painted wood jackrabbit in blue “denim” overalls.

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Known for his winsome, anthropomorphic carvings of animals, the artist has created this amusing jackrabbit. Smiling benevolently, he is relaxed, front paws resting on his ample tummy. Must be hot out, because he is wearing only “denim” overalls. The details are carefully carved and painted: front pocket, straps, stitching, that label in back, and that custom-made vent for the cottontail! His feet are comfy, too- in well-broken-in moccasins.

Charming, and well-done, this is a sweet figure to start or add to a collection.


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Paint, Wood


3 3/8" high x 2" wide x 1 7/8" deep