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Iridescent Druzy and Silver Dangles


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Known internationally, for his contemporary, fashion-influenced and sometimes edgy style, this prominent jeweler’s work was included in a national museum collection before he turned 30!

Grandson and son of jewelers famous for their innovation and expertise, he carries on the family tradition in his own, sophisticated, eye-catching, and very unique, way.

These fabulous earrings are guaranteed to light up your nights, and glam up your casual days.

Gorgeously iridescent stones reveal the natural, crystal druzy within.

The iridescence and peacock hue are created by heating the stones, and are uncommonly beautiful,.

Mirror-smoothness contrasts with the sparkly druzy at the heart of each stone, and its naturally sugary texture.

For delightful, flirtatious flattery, three silver squares dangle from these glamorous tops.

Pleated into star shapes within the squares, they add a different kind of gleam and glitter, as they sway with your movement.

Another pair of dazzling and intriguing earrings from this innovative artist. His earrings are never seen on just any head!


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3" L x 1 " Square


Druzy, Sterling Silver